Monthly Archives: May 2021

AG Vision Mining is a leading mineral exploration company in Nigeria

As a leading mineral exploration company in Nigeria, AG Vision Mining follows the chain of custody of international reporting systems throughout the different stages of its exploration work. Indeed, our team is capable of reporting according to the Australian Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves “JORC”. This code of practice reduces information uncertainty by setting minimum reporting standards and a classification system of exploration results, geological findings, resources and reserves. Our chief geologist is accredited to sign off this report that will increase investors’ confidence with all the data they need to take appropriate decisions.

AGV Mining has made a breakthrough in Niger State

After extensive months of drilling and exploration, and despite the challenges faced due to Covid-19, AGV Mining has made a breakthrough in Niger State. Using the most advanced techniques and state-of-the art equipment and machinery, we have uncovered a deposit of gold, lead, and tungsten, as we had previously appraised. Our dedication, professional services and accurate analysis make us a leading company in Nigeria’s mineral exploration industry.

AG Vision Mining offering exploration services in line with the JORC standard in Nigeria

AGV Mining provides a comprehensive combination of services aiming to provide clients with reliable analysis, guidance and profitability. Within the scope of our geological exploration projects, and in addition to providing drilling and sampling services, we undertake prefeasibility and feasibility studies of any potential mining project in order to determine its economic viability. We also implement the best practices in geoscientific works, closely monitoring current advances in geoscience and geology, which allows us to stay on top of recent developments in the mining sector.

AGV Mining is currently carrying out a drilling project in Osun State

AGV Mining is currently carrying out a drilling project in Osun State, using advanced techniques such as diamond drilling to uncover minerals. We are also providing the project with complementary services, using our advanced machinery to prepare the infrastructure needed by opening roads and providing easy access to workers, vehicles and equipment.