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A.G.V. Mining a modern and leading mineral exploration company in Nigeria

As a modern and leading mineral exploration company, A.G.V. Mining realizes the importance of regularly reviewing and updating its business practices, policies and internal controls. In this context, it has developed a Code of Business Ethics and Conduct, under which it we will be establishing a Helpline to work as a channel for the communication of any integrity concern related to the company or its employees. Improper conduct, unethical behavior and any breach of policies can be reported anonymously and we will take proper corrective action in a cooperative, transparent and fair manner.

A.G. Vision Mining’s Code Ethics

Within the scope of its Code of Ethics, A.G. Vision Mining company gives priority to minimizing the negative environmental impact of its activities. In fact, during the pre-feasibility phase, we assess how our future project will affect the environment where it will be taking place. We do our best to implement environmentally sustainable solutions and green business strategies that conserve energy, reduce waste and prevent pollution. We also ensure regular environmental trainings to our field workers since they play a major role on the ground.

A.G. Vision Mining’s Compliance Program

A.G. Vision Mining’s Compliance Program covers the company’s own policies and procedures, as well as international integrity policies, regulations and standards that must be followed by every employee and worker involved in A.G.V. Mining’s operations. It also includes a glimpse of local laws and guidelines to be respected when carrying out our exploration, drilling or mining activities, among others. Our tailor-made Compliance Program aims at minimizing poor conduct and preventing corruption, while increasing accountability, transparency, efficiency and, most importantly, quality.

A.G.V. Mining’s Integrity Compliance Program reflects its core values and transparency

The Integrity Compliance Program that was specifically developed for A.G.V. Mining company reflects its core values and transparent image. Indeed, we wanted it to strengthen our clients’ trust in our activities and the credibility of our findings and operations. This is why, all our employees, regardless of their seniority or position, are kept informed about the latest integrity regulations and policies and realize the importance of not violating the Compliance Program and the need to report any illegal or unethical action. At A.G.V. Mining, we want all concerned parties and stakeholders to rest assured that we have their best interests at heart.