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  • Exploration work under the Targeted/Integrated Mineral Exploration Projects for the Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel Development (A1: Gold And Platinum Group Metals)
  • Agbaja Plateau, Geological assessment, field mapping, geophysical survey design and implementation
  • Planning and supervision of resource drilling program
  • Management of interpretation of country wide airborne geophysical surveys over all of Nigeria
  • Mapping and field assessment of selected gold occurrences in the Nigerian Shield
  • Gold exploration programme in Zamfara and kaduna States for AG Vision Construction Nigeria Ltd
  • Geological assessment, field mapping, geochemical sampling, geophysical survey for Lugio Global in Birmin Gwari, Kaduna State
  • Mapping and field assessment in Katisna State for Kellingly Ltd.

Mauritania, Burkina Faso and Ghana

o Litho Structural interpretation and targeting for major mining corporations including Kinross
o Managing uranium exploration projects in Northern Mauritania
o Major regional interpretation programs across the Birimian.

Cameroun – Republic of Congo

o Exploration management of team of 25 geoscientists and field staff to define world class DSO iron ore resource for Sundance Resources
o Managing copper exploration projects in ROC for Chinese corporate


o Regional mapping of the Pan-African basement geology
o Structural and basin architecture interpretation of the Palaeozoic and Mesozoic sediments along eastern margin of Tim Mersoi Basin for uranium mineralisation